Our Story

Our Story

The Aaron Group (TAG) is a minority certified business, founded by Aaron Turpeau and Hank Aaron is a full-service company. We have over 29 years of experience in the custom merchandise and promotion industry, catering to client’s individual needs.  TAG specializes in incentives, overseas apparel sourcing, closeout merchandise, and rewards for events and organizations.

The Aaron Group is known for our creative ideas and ability to think outside the box.  We are constantly bringing new and exciting merchandise and ideas to the table. 

Our years of experience and manufacture network has allowed us to rapidly adapt to the changing landscape and needs forced on the world by the current pandemic. Whether an organization is public, private, or non-profit they must find ways to protect their workforce or customers and get their message out. Therefore, we have launched our newest website to promote our Messaging Masks.

T-shirts have always been a stable of messaging brands and movements, this has not changed and if you need some please let us know, however now there is a better way. While a t-shirt can get your message out once a week or maybe twice a month, the need now is to “Mask Up” every day. This means that the potential number of visual impressions of your message is exponential and the loyalty garnered through protecting the wearers life is invaluable. 

Unlike some of the cheap promotional mask products that have come to market our product is stylish, designed for comfort utilizing an inner mesh lining providing superior breathability. These differences are key if you wish your identified messenger to wear it over and over vs throwing it away. It is hard to buy a $25 quality mask like ours, for prices between $3.00 to $6.00 (including shipping) but through our B2B model which focuses on bulk orders that is exactly what you can do.